It is not accidentally that the name of our company refers to the science discipline, the development concept of which emerged in 70-ies of the last century in Moscow and Tartu semiotic school. As its field of research, the new discipline suggested possibilities of applying art methods in solving technical tasks. With similar theoretical background and shifting the focus on marketing communications agenda, we have developed and continue improving the methodology that allows to narrow the gap between business rationality and spontaneity of human perception.

One of the key problems of brand creation and promotion is achieving measurable (rational) goals with non-measurable (creative) tools. This is where goals include establishing and expanding customer base, enhancing awareness, sales growth, improving loyalty, increasing brand value. And the tools are values, image, style, intonation etc.

Our approach to resolving this controversy is based on the idea that the language employed to describe tasks to be solved with imagery must also be rather imaginative. This is the only way to achieve balance between rational and creative components of the communication development process allowing to considerably enhance its efficiency.

When starting with strategic stages of brand development we use well-developed emotional and imaginative characteristics instead of generally accepted “mechanical” characteristics that describe brand positioning, audience and competitive environment. The background employed to identify them includes art constructs accumulated by the world culture and represented in works of different epochs, from Homer, Dante and Shakespeare up to Dostoevsky, Hitchcock and Lennon. The important advantage of these models is that they contain, in compact form, significant information of universal motives, strategies and behavior of people they refer to when making choice.

This way of comprehension of communication tasks is applied at all stages of their development and allows to considerably enhance their sequence, hierarchy and outcome exchange system. Using this approach, we are developing consolidated over-the-discipline methodology that blurs traditional borders between specializations, tools and technologies designed to create and promote brands.


Артоника — наука о рациональных приложениях методов искусства