The brand exists only in real-life communications, and as soon as these are interrupted, the brand ceases to be present in consumer’s consciousness. Those that must remain unchanged for a long time are considered in Identity Artonica. However, current communications related to promotion area are not less important, but often lack proper branding support. They include: advertisement, POSM, marketing and corporate materials and a lot more. On the one hand, these should ensure brand identity, and on the other, deliver its current tasks in the context of dynamically changing market environment and audience expectations. These tasks are solved by Communications Artonica that unites related competences:

development of creative concept, i.e., the system of ideas and solutions that do not only strike a chord of the target audience, but ensure content and style integrity of the communications campaign, whose media structure can vary significantly on a case-by-case basis;

development of creative strategy, when we deal with a comprehensive long-term project (which is usually typical of promotion of corporate brands) that implies a complicated set of media, some of which may not be evident at the planning stage;

creating communications products, i.e., certain end solutions that are ready to be delivered and replicated, with each of them having its own content and imagery value and smoothly fitting in the overall structure.

Printed and online ads, radio and TV commercials, signage; corporate, marketing and representative materials, POSM, site, exhibition, corporate hard-copy and digital periodicals, corporate video, annual report – these are items of far-from-being-exhaustive list of products we develop. Even if the project task is restricted to creating of only one of these, we consider it in the context of strategic brand development and promotion goals.


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