Brand is not what our customers see on sketch design. It is not even what customers of our customers see on signage, package or visit card. Brand is what is left in their heads after that. And to make brand audience comprehend meaningful brand image inviting to further development of relations, it is necessary to create a set of features that differentiate it from that of competitors, i.e., make sure it is unique and remains itself all the time.

We call this ability to be what it is “identity”, and a set of elements that ensure identity – “brand identification system”. Identity Artonica is a set of our competences intended to create brand identification systems for any types of products, services, companies and markets. They include:

naming, development of original registrable brand name that has the potential to attract and to be recalled by the audience it is designed for;

development of basic visual constants, whose role is most often performed by a sign and/or a logo, though in some cases other particular solutions can be implemented;

corporate design, i.e. development of standards of style and appearance of all brand contact points, all of which convincingly deliver brand values;

package design that, depending on brand strategy, can be exquisite or catchy, sophisticated or laconic, intelligent or naive, but in any way, must contribute to the strategy deployment;

design of environment, both internal (interiors), and external (exteriors), that performs not solely decorative functions, but also supports communications, i.e., affects brand – customer relations;

multimedia environment branding, which we understand as not merely developing web-sites and other online products, but as fully-fledged implementation of the strategy and shaping brand identity in today’s multimedia.

This is only a small part of what we can do and what can be required for a project we work at. Nevertheless the key success criterion is applicable for all industries and all types of identification systems. What a customer should extract from the brand contact is not just anything, but the set of impressions, which is provided for by the brand strategy. This means the system works and the strategy is correct.


Артоника — наука о рациональных приложениях методов искусства

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