What is Brand Server

Brand Server is the web-interface software synchronizing creative developments in the course of team collaboration. In many aspects, Brand Service is a counterpart of CRM system (Customer Relationship Management system). In other words, it is the style management tool (including management of its visual and verbal components).

Who is Brand Server Designed for

• for a client — style customer and owner;
• for an agency — style developer;
• for partners and contractors of the customer that produce style components.


Brand Server Advantages

A the development and implementation stage

• document version management, no intermediate presentation documents, automated generation of document content;
• speeding up agreements and simplification of comments;
• support of distributed and remote project work by unlimited number of agency and customer's employees;
• automated distribution of information of comments and document changes to all members of the project team, with full project history saved automatically;
• eliminating the stage of page composition of the final presentation document.

At the stage of use

• easy access to materials;
• promptly providing materials to partners and contractors;
• fast update of individual style elements without the need to repeatedly make up the entire presentation document;
• capability to quickly extend / reduce the document (either in a temporary or permanent manner);
• capability to automatically inform all style users of document changes;
• section / page use statistics.


How Brand Server Works

Migrating to a new system of work does not imply additional costs. All operations are performed in any standard browser and do not require a user to pass any special training. The brand server is compatible not only with PCs, but with most mobile PDAs and tablet PCs like iPad, iPhone etc. Upon the customer’s request, the project initially placed at Artonica's server can be transferred to the customer’s server, with full project functionality retained.


Information security is often an important aspect of many branding projects. When developing the system, we have accounted all necessary requirements to protection of the customer’s confidential information:
• Data encryption (all stored information is encrypted).
• Data confidentiality (only authorized access with delegating authority).
• Data integrity (ensuring data are correctly changed when working with files).
• Web traffic security (encryption of traffic between the customer and the application).

In the Brand Server system, the customer has exclusive right of administering user access to project information. 

Often the creation, approval and adjustment of a guideline takes longer than the creative development


Projects that are implemented by
Brand Server: