Artonica Branding and Creative Agency was established in 2004. We provide our customers with comprehensive conceptual and creative support in the area of branding communications. Throughout years of work, we have gained ample experience based on collaboration with Russian and international companies, over one hundred in number.

We consider every project, whatever its size and media specifics are, in the context of the brand development tasks. We have all capabilities required for that, starting from developing the message, through which the brand will catch the eye of consumers, and up to certain forms to deliver this message with maximized convicting strength.

Research and analysis of target audiences, competitive environment and brand resources; development of brand architecture, brand strategy and communication strategy; naming, design of basic visual constants and development of the brand identification system; development of verbal and visual language; development of package and corporate style; branding of corporate and trading environment; creating corporate, marketing and POS materials, printed advertisement, Internet, radio advertisement, TV commercials, outdoor signage; development of web-sites and multimedia solutions. We do all the above to pursue creating sustainable brands for our customers and enhancing their capitalization.

This range of competences allows us, on the one hand, right from the start of the branding process to offer solutions, whose beauty and feasibility will not vanish when transferred to real-life communication environment from brand book pages. On the other hand, and “downstream”, when working at every product, whether it’s annual report or a commercial, we take care about its concept and style accuracy making sure the brand is not dissolved in hit-and-miss immediate solutions.

Our interests are not limited only with business; we contribute in development of the national branding industry. Artonica is actively involved in work of the Association of Russian Branding Companies, and our key employees teach in the leading Russian universities, including: British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow), Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service attached to the President of the Russian Federation, Higher School of Economics.


Артоника — наука о рацио­нальных при­ложениях методов искусства