Branding Outside and Inside

On 28-30 September, Reklama 2016 annual exhibition was held in Moscow. As part of the exhibition the 33rd ABCR Day of Branding was held on 30 September. 13 speakers – the Association experts – shared their ideas on the subject of How Invisible Influences the Growth of Sales and Profits. Practical Tools and Strategies in Competitive Activity. That was the agenda. Denis Shlesberg, member of ABCR Board and Executive Creative Director of Artonica, took part in the discussion.

Denis made a report on Branding Inside and Outside the Marketing. How to Distinguish Between Causes and Consequences in Consumer Relations. In his presentation Denis examined the problems of marketing thinking at a time when consumer communications are becoming more and more controllable in terms of their reaction.

We currently have unprecedented opportunities to receive accurate data on the influence of any given marketing signal and incentive on the audience. Due to this marketing specialists often prefer the channels with easier and cheaper measurements forgetting that they are not the only contact points between the consumers and the brand.

Having displayed some typical errors related to such practice Denis Shlesberg invoked the audience not to reject hypotheses when they are required and remember that “branding is a theory constantly verified through experiments, but without it any experiment would make no sense.”


Branding Outside and Inside