National Pride in Branding

On 27 April, BelBrand Association under the auspices of ABCR held Creation of Strong National Brands, their Protection and Promotion in the Eurasian Market round table in Minsk. It was one of the events dedicated to the International Intellectual Property Protection Day. Denis Shlesberg, Executive Creative Director of Artonica, ABCR board member, took part in the round table.

Denis made a presentation on National Pride as a Consumption Incentive. When, Where and How it Works. Denis Shlesberg examined the evolution of branding approaches in the former USSR, from simple imitation of foreign brands to the conscious use of national identity. He also shared, just at first hand, the latest news about development of the Tourist Brand of Russia. He presented 10 projects which reached the final stage of the contest and told about the details of work on three of them in which he participated directly.

The Round Table gathered the representatives of large companies, intellectual property protection specialists from Belarus and Russia. BelBrand Association Chairman Albert Taipov was a moderator.

The participants of the Round Table have emphasized that intellectual property security and protection are vital for creation of brands. However, the need of taking the national cultural traditions into account is not of least importance. Such conclusion was supported by the venue chosen for the Round Table. It was held in Sula Interactive History Park famous for its intertwining traditional and modern approaches to promotion of the Belarusian culture.


National Pride in Branding