Travel Branding — a Task for Pros

June 14, 2017, the All-Russian Conference, Promotion of Russian Regional and Commodity Brands, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation was held. Denis Shlesberg, Artonica’s Executive Creative Director, took part in the conference.

Today, in the context of import phaseout challenges, there’s much concern about creating and promoting Russian brands, manufacture of high-quality products competitive in foreign markets, – Vladimir Dmitriev, vice-president, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, stated when opening the conference.  A brand is supposed to be recognizable, well-known. Russia is not only world famous nest dolls, but also world-class software, high technologies and high-quality food products; while all these goods must be actively promoted in international markets, it is necessary to develop strong brands for this purpose.

A speaker in the Area Promotion Brand: What to Start with? section was Denis Shlesberg telling of how to promote the travel brand of Russia. Denis is an immediate participant of this project arranged by the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism and ARBC, so he shared the first-hand impressions of this work.  In his report, he has presented 10 short-listed concepts put to the public vote online that will last until mid August.

Speaking of importance of the work done, Denis Shlesberg has noted that the project outcome will be not just a logo, but a substantiated up-and-running system of communications that is really capable of promoting development of domestic and inbound tourism.

“But another important result we expect is setting a professional level for similar projects across the tour industry. As a travel destination, the country exists only as a multitude of regional and local destinations, products and facilities, each of which needs its own image for successful promotion. The image to be developed by professionals”, — Denis emphasized.


Travel Branding — a Task for Pros