Ultraviolet Future of Printing

Print UV 2017, an annual industry conference dedicated to advanced UV printing solutions, took place September 21, 2017.  Denis Shlesberg, Artonica’s Executive Creative Director, took part in the conference.

Denis Shlesberg delivered a report on Branding in Printing Industry. Why Does a Printing House Needs Brand, and Is It Worth Efforts to Create One? Denis outlined a number of regularities in changing relations between printing houses and their customers that are observed in the market in the context of fast-paced digitalization of all kinds of communications, and stated the related challenges that the industry faced. He offered the audience to imagine, how modern “greenhorn customer” saw the market, and analysed, what problems and opportunities this perception created for printing brands. To give example of resolving such problems and employing the possibilities Denis told of Artonica’s project of rebranding Cityprint Publishing House.

According to Denis Shlesberg, printing industry refers to underbranded ones; the reasons for that are the industry being traditional and process-oriented, and professional snobbery that is typical of the industry. But the market changes dynamically both on the part of manufacturers and customers. New printing industry can do more, and requirements to it are higher, but communications between the printing house and the customer tend to simplify. Communications built according to the laws of fully-fledged branding becomes a serious competitive advantage. 

The conference was arranged by Terra Systems with support of USA’s AMS Spectral UV, the leading global manufacturer of LED UV systems. The programme included reports of manufacturers of printing equipment and materials: Steve Metcliff, President of AMS Spectral UV; Kohaee Yatsumoto, Deputy Director General of RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology (Japan); Richard Wilson, Technical Coordination Director of Flint Group (USA); Olga Galyamova, leading technologist of Oktoprint Service; Evgenia Kuvshinova, leading market analyst of Ligum; Ludmila Chekalina, Chief Marketing Officer of Dubl V and many others.

Besides, experience of implementing UV printing technologies was shared by managers of the leading printing houses of the country, including, but not limited to: Maksim Rumyantsev, Director General of Lubavich (Saint Petersburg); Igor Kryl, Director General of Rubikon (Voronezh) and others.


Ultraviolet Future of Printing