Brand communications concept

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  • брошюра
  • веб-сайт
  • выставочный стенд
  • интерьер / экстерьер
  • корпоративный фильм
  • мультимедийная презентация
  • оформление мероприятия

Brand communications concept


Authentica is one of the leaders in the Russian market for professional tools, training, and organizational consulting in the premium-class beauty industry. The Authentica brand, which was developed with Artonica’s participation, during its five-year development, has achieved considerable positions in terms of awareness by clients and professional community. The company significantly expanded the scale of its business, broadened and updated its product portfolio, which led to a change in the scale and specifics of internal (personnel) and external (clients and partners) audiences of the brand. Because of this, the concept of the brand personified by several key experts, which the previous communication strategy was based on, has exhausted its potential. To enable further development, it was necessary to design and implement a new brand communications concept that would ensure uniformity of the Authentica brand at all points of contact with its audiences, which have grown in their number and diversity.


The updated positioning concept is based on the key value of the company – the experience, knowledge, and imagination of the people working for it. Authentica differentiates itself from competitors by not only opening access to working with exclusive global cosmetics brands, but also by being capable of creating, based on them, unique marketing programs that take into account the specifics of perception by Russian consumers. “Word within word”, a verbal and image method, being implemented at all levels of communications, became the embodiment of this focus on the knowledge and imagination. Such words have formed a basis of Authentica’s new language of sorts, which allows for taking a fresh look at the ordinary notions and terms in order to “remember” their true meaning.



The new language of the brand saw its development in the principles of information structuring, with the principle of “properly stated questions” being the key one. Any text in corporate and marketing materials provides an answer to a question set out as its headline. The illustrative style has also undergone changes in the new system of communications. Posed portraits of select employees have been replaced by a mood-setting visual photojournalism series that capture the style and spirit of the creative daily routine of Authentica’s large team. The new video materials, which, in addition to the corporate film, now include AuthenTV, the official video channel, have also been restyled in the same fashion.


The new brand communications concept has been implemented within a broad spectrum of communication products that form a holistic system for interacting with company employees, clients, and partners. It includes a booklet for employees, a booklet about the company, a corporate film, a website, an Internet video channel, a regular HTML mailing, an electronic presentations design, principles for designing corporate interiors and exhibition spaces, as well as many other elements. Implementation of the new communications system was launched simultaneously with the internal corporate training program in the summer of 2012. The external launch took place on December 12, 2012 within the scope of the “CLAIRVOYANCE. Is there a meaning in the future?” conference organized by Authentica for the beauty industry professionals. A teaser campaign implemented using HTML mailing and Internet video channel tools preceded the event. The response of clients, partners, and competitors indicated that, as a result of the work performed, the reputation of the Authentica brand as a player that creates new standards in its market has been strengthened.

Team: Project Leader – Denis Shlesberg; Art Directors – Dmitry Zilpert, Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya, and Dmitry Chernogaev; Creative Director – Anna Filatova; Layout and Prepress – Vladimir Dyomkin; Project Manager – Kseniya Gnevusheva; Photographer – Maria Shkoda; Director – Dmitry Lavrinenko.