Representation Materials of 2013

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Representation Materials of 2013


Exar is the first Russian export insurance agency, whose operations are aimed, first of all, to support hi-tech Russian export and innovative industries. 
Stylistics and employed materials are to reflect spirit of EXAR – a young, dynamic team that has expertise and experience and functions as a Russian public agency of a new format. 
Besides, the creative design concept must be comprehensive enough to be easily extended, transformed and delivered in promotional items of the agency throughout 2013.



The concept foundation is the statement that efficiency of any operations is the result of consolidated efforts aimed to reach the purpose, with such result being shaped due to competent planning, informed actions and innovative technology deployment. 
Calendar pages present collages symbolizing EXAR operations. Every graphic image presents both company interests and key principles of operation. Such notions as “high technologies”, “internationality” and “innovations’ are expressed on calendar pages. 
Strict laconic design is intended to emphasize company status, while industry and technology-featuring style shows its commitment to supporting hi-tech export and innovative industries.



This concept illustrates important characteristics that, taken together, help EXAR insurance agency successfully and efficiently support Russian exporters and set conditions that enable development of Russian export.

The team: Creative Director – Anna Filatova; Art Director – Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya; Designer – Alexander Shevchuk; Pre-press – Vladimir Demkin; Manager – Ksenia Gnevusheva.