Sustainable Growth Through Long-Term Investments

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  • корпоративный стиль
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Sustainable Growth Through Long-Term Investments


June 17 – 18, 2013 Vnesheconombank was planning “Sustainable Growth Through Long-Term Investments” International Conference to be held in Moscow before the meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of G20 member countries. As a leading development institution of Russia, VEB aims to actively develop cooperation with international financial organization looking for solutions that ensure sustainability of the global financial architecture and set conditions for further economic growth. What was important to emphasize in design elements of the conference is the large scale of the event and Vnesheconombank authorities and position in the financial system of Russia, its active role in economic life of the country.



The conference design concept was based on the idea of dynamic growth, consolidation and efficient interaction. The employed color solution used gradient varying from Vnesheconombank’s corporate blue up to green − the color of perspectives and opportunities. Smooth color blend means interaction in the event context, with the discussion site being positioned as a unique venue for representatives of financial elite pursuing common goals. The central idea was also revealed in the event logo, where the main accent was made on the word “growth”, one of the key terms that express the essence of the event in the most succinct way. Photo images disclose the idea of growing through objects captured in ascending perspective. A unique combination of graphic, color and photo elements integrated in a single design concept was seamlessly applied both to large-scale structures and print media / merchandise thus allowing to shape a comprehensive idea of the scale and topic of the event.



Carefully developed design of the event contributed to successful business meetings and negotiations. In the course of the conference, Vnesheconombank signed memoranda of cooperation with the world leading financial institutions of development and export support. Overall, the event participants included representatives of over fifty international financial institutions that acknowledged significant positive effect of the Moscow meeting and considered this interaction format to be useful and meaningful.

The team:
Anna Filatova, creative director; Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya, art director; Vladimir Alekseev, designer; Vladimir Demkin, pre-press; Ekaterina Komissarova, manager; Aleksander Shevchuk, photogrpher.