Donstroy. Alye Parusa — Spring campaign 2014

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  • реклама в прессе

Donstroy. Alye Parusa — Spring campaign 2014


In expectation of the next spring, Donstroy has developed special offers for the buyers of apartments in Alye Parusa. When creating the concept aimed at advertising support of spring sales, it was necessary to solve the following tasks: to remind the audience about the unique benefits of the legendary residential complex, to get the potential buyers interested in new seasonal offers and announce the terms of spring promo.


The idea underlying the proposed solution is the unique closeness to water, which is nowadays an apparent feature of luxurious real estate within the framework of global trends. Moreover, the solution is based on the popularity of the residential complex which has become an urban legend with the prominent history. Communication tasks of the campaign have been solved naturally due to subtle and partly provocative play upon words in the headlines which also helped to create the advertising image with a view to capture the attention of the audience and set the spring mood.

Good development of the solutions for printed mass media and outdoor advertising is a series of radio commercials about “happy apartments” which are eagerly waiting for their lucky owners this spring.


Implementation of the proposed concept facilitated effective promotion of Donstroy’s spring offers and visibly refreshed the image of Alye Parusa. This was of special importance for the maintenance of the audience’s interest to the long-living brand which has been present on Moscow real estate market for more than 10 years.

Project team: head of the project and art director — Irina Tsvetkova, designer — Marina Pavlova, copyrighter — Elena Dalmatova, project managers — Kseniya Gnevusheva, Elizaveta Petrova.