Corporate interiors

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Corporate interiors


Exiar – Russian export insurance agency – asked for the development and implementation of the interior branding concept for its headquarters. The interior design was to reflect the ideas of the global corporate activity and orientation towards high-tech domestic enterprises entering the international market.


The conceptual design is based on a large-scale photo exposition showing parts of the world where the agency implements its professional tasks. The selection of themes is balanced between geographical markers (architecture and landscape) and industrial images which characterize the industries supported by the company. From the structural and technological point of view, the concept is embodied in the system of unified glass modules with pictures created by plotting photoprint method. Modules operate in transmission mode, which generates ‘aerial image’ effect. Overall structure of the exposition includes four geographical zones located on four floors of the corporate headquarter in accordance with the layout of its departments.


The outcome of the project was an up-to-date corporate interior which solves both decorative and important image-related tasks. Module-based and technological principles underlying the interior provide possibilities for further growth and development of the exposition together with the expansion of the company’s business and activity areas.

Team: project manager and art director — Dmitry Chernogaev, producer — Artur Umnov, layout and prepress — Vladimir Demkin, managers — Kseniya Grevusheva, Elena Zharova.