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Brand Identity System

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Brand Identity System



GL Financial Group is an international group headquartered in Switzerland that offers its affluent private customers investment strategies of asset management in international stock, commodity and debt markets, as well as spread portfolio management in the US equity market and consulting brokerage. The project challenge was to adapt the global brand platform to specific features of its promotion in the Russian market, and to use it as the foundation to develop the system of brand communication with potential Russian customers interested in the international-class investment services.


Mission of GL Financial Group brand is based on combining the conservative understanding of reliability and fresh look onto investment tools development. This is the combination that sets the best conditions to augment financial success of every customer. Graphic solution of the logo is a full name of the brand, in which GL initials are highlighted in the monogram built on the creative interplay of the two letters that look like running into each other. No pictorialism in basic visual constants delivers a good note of strict academic sound to the brand. Name outline is based on the classical serifed typeface, but with reduced serifs, which attaches both classical and modern features to the brand character at the same time. The balance between them is sustained through the combination of the two main corporate colors — composite dark grey and active red.


A laconic, but comprehensive brand identity system covering all required media has been developed in the course of the project. With a new brand launched to the market, response of potential customers has shown that ultimately it is capable of joining the range of the leading Swiss and international financial brands that manage large private investments.

The team: project head manager — Denis Shlesberg, brand consultant — Anna Durgaryan, art director — Irina Tsvetkova, make-up and pre-press — Vladimr Demkin, project manager — Ksenia Gnevusheva, Elizaveta Petrova, representative director – Vitaliy Filin.

Customer Feedback:



GL Finance opinion:

“You have managed to subtly understand values of the company and its employees, and the target audience character. This has allowed to develop the brand platform, which has covered the benefits and helped exactly deliver the image of our holding to the fullest extent possible".

German Lillevyali, President,
GL Financial Group