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Package Design


COLT - American equipment for construction and repair works – was first imported in Russia in autumn 2013. The assortment and pricing policy of the brand are aiming at sales through the federal chains of construction hypermarkets. COLT equipment is intended for customers who prefer to use “do-it-yourself” approach to repair and construction and are looking for high-quality reliable equipment without any extra professional options. The range of products is represented by several lines, including welding and compressor equipment, electricity-generating plants and some others. In order to enter the Russian market successfully, it was necessary to develop the design standards of packaging which would correspond to the national consumption features of this product category and to the maximum extent unlock trust potential of the audience to the quality of American equipment.



The essence of the creative concept is first of all embodied in the Russian slogan “Сделан для дела” (Made for business). The subnaming system is visually developed in model identification standards on the products and their packaging. Unusual pictograms are an essential design element which attracts customers’ attention to core characteristics of each product. Bright yellow color dominates in the package design: it adds the required “technical dramatic effect” and highlights COLT products in heterogeneous and poorly lightened trade environment of hypermarket. Large colored photos of the equipment emphasize its visual presence due to “repetition” in the piles of boxes. Each box is provided with an illustrated description of important functional features of the product and navigation in the overall brand assortment.


The created system of packaging design standards meets the priority tasks of COLT launch on the Russian market and long-term targets aimed at strengthening market position in six assortment lines. An important aspect of the visual system is conscious orientation in various target segments and towards purchasing agents of hypermarket chains; the latter play the defining role in brand’s accessibility to the attention of final consumers.

Team: creative director — Denis Shlesberg, art-director — Dmitry Chernogaev, project manager — Kseniya Gnevusheva, layout and pre-press — Vladimir Demkin