Annual Report of 2013

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Annual Report of 2013


EXIAR is the first Russian export loan and investment insurance agency.
Its annual report was not only to emphasize unique and diverse operations of the Agency, but also to reveal its spirit – that of a young, dynamic team that has expertise and experience and functions as a Russian public agency of a new format.


The idea of interrelated development was chosen as the underlying concept of EXIAR’S annual report. To solve the conceptual task, a unique die-cutting was used to locate image-building illustrations in a layout, where every next illustration is a continuation of the previous one.

This technique is intended to manifest Agency’s continuous improvement. Another design feature of the solution is that the front cover presents all images combined with the Agency’s logo thus forming a complex but integral image. The multi-tiered graphical structure delivers the key message: EXIAR operations are based on unique values, and it is through the whole
of these values that the Agency successfully sets conditions to develop Russian export.



We have succeeded in creating the Annual Report that does not only properly presents performance for 2013, but also translates spirit and philosophy of the Agency, thus solving both functional and image-building tasks. Unique bold form of the Report, which is untypical
for corporate statements of this kind, persuasively manifests bright and young character
of the Agency.

Therefore, the project was successful enough to solve both practical and image-building tasks.

The team: Anna Filatova, creative director, copywriter; Marina Pavlova / Ekaterina Dubeikovskaya, art directors; Marina Pavlova / Vladimir Alekseev, designers; Vladimir Demkin, pre-press; Elena Zharova, manager.