Sadovye Kvartaly – advertising campaign 2015

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Sadovye Kvartaly – advertising campaign 2015


Residential complex Sadovye Kvartaly is one of the largest projects in elite real estate located in the center of Moscow, Khamovniki district. Its advertising concept required maximum detailed explanation of the unique features of Sadovye Kvartaly, which turned out to be a difficult task in view of numerous advantages of the product which knows no rivals on the market.


Communication within the scope of the advertising campaign is arranged in the form of a dialogue with the potential residents of Sadovye Kvartaly. The phrases which embrace all aspects of living are based on “question-response” principle. These are the questions which can be asked by anybody who might be interested in this real estate product. The answers lie in the unique features of Sadovye Kvartaly. The question wordings are most closely resembling conversational speech, which enables a common language dialogue with the potential customers. Text structure of messages reveals the benefits of the product to the full extent; consequently, no active visual solution is needed. 



The advertising campaign emphasizes the unique nature of the residential complex by means of maximum simple solution both in terms of visual and notional component, which is unusual for elite real estate. This “simplicity” makes Sadovye Kvartaly stand out on Moscow advertising market. Flexible and universal communication structure embraces all the benefits of the product and opens possibility to implement advertising solutions throughout 2015.


Team: executive art director — Dmitry Chernogaev, copyrighter — Anna Filatova, Alena Ionova, art director — Marina Pavlova, designer — Anna Mikhailova, prepress — Vladimir Demkin, manager — Elena Potorochina.