Fall campaign Red Side 2015

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Fall campaign Red Side 2015


RedSide is a modern residential premium-class development in the center of Moscow.
It combines both the dynamic environment of a megalopolis and solitude of private spaces.
The new advertising campaign had to emphasize the convergence of rational and emotional advantages of the project, in order to prompt the potential clients to make positive purchase decision in conditions of economic uncertainty.


Communication is based on short and standout messages which firmly fuse the direct and allegorical meaning of words. Thus, when inviting a customer “to see the perspective”, Red Side speaks about gorgeous view from the window and growth potential of real estate price. “Double focus” on the benefits of the residential complex is of special use now, when customers’ choice is influenced by different economic factors. In terms of visual characteristics, the idea is shown literally, i.e. optically. Each picture is a photo of the object with a very short focus depth. This approach helps to draw the attention of the audience to important elements.


The campaign was carried out through the Internet and outdoor advertising; it attracted the target audience. The correct and provocative tone, new graphical method and, what is most important, the currently central “admixture” of rational argumentation found response with the potential customers.

Team: project head and creative director – Denis Shlesberg, art director – Marina Pavlova, designer – Anna Mikhailova, prepress – Vladimir Demkin, manager – Diana Shakirova.  


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