Renome Campaign Autumn / Winter 2017

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Renome Campaign Autumn / Winter 2017


It was necessary to upgrade brand communications with its target audience — purchasers of deluxe real estate — and to deliver all key advantages of the residential development in a series of stories with the new image-building component. It was also important to note the campaign season.


The underlying insight was the observation that by the end of the year megacity residents had accumulated fatigue and stress resulting in them feeling irritated for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Bad weather, lack of time and the hustle and bustle of everything they have to complete by the end of the year only make things worse. With this in mind, the visually distinguished "Fed up!" intent in the first part of the slogan attracts attention and makes feel sympathetic right away. And the promise articulated in the second part saying that "everything will be all right" in Renome Clubhouse gives the soothing effect the audience strives for in this context, and, the last but not the least, expresses the key idea of the brand: "Renome is the house that gives you time to live". The promise doesn't seem unsupported due to demonstration of certain advantages that prove the claim.


We have built a creative foundation for further brand promotion. The series of stories consistently solves current marketing tasks. The provocative tone of the header and radical typography attract attention, while visually bright, "exhilarating" solution acts as an anti-venom against dullness and melancholy of the season thus making the audience interested in the marketing offer and encouraging to go for it.

The team: project head manager — Denis Shlesberg, art director — Irina Tsvetkova, leading designer — Irina Sakharova, copywriter – Elena Ionova, project director — Ksenia Gnevusheva, make-up and pre-press – Stanislav Novikov.