DM Program 2010

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DM Program 2010


Annual direct marketing program is one of imperative tools for the Authentica brand image building among beauty salons owners and managers. The mechanics of the program is a monthly direct delivery “packages”, their content reflects functional and aesthetic qualities of Authentica brand. The program is implemented with the new original concept each year.



2010 theme was “The collection of genuine movies.” The idea is described in the letter, accompanying DM package: “Big screen created marvelous images of the great women; they became icons of its era thanks to their talents and beauty. Many present notions of the good taste and excellent style are heavily influenced by these perfect images. It’s a pity we hardly ever have time to watch classic films. We brought together this collection of masterpieces and invite you to share your impressions”



The program helped to strengthen the aesthetic and creative expertise of the brand. This expertise is very important in the beauty industry. There was an indirect effect as well — a dramatic increase of new clients on referrals of existing ones.


Team: Creative Director — Denis Shlesberg, Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev, Prepress — Vladimir Dyomkin; Copywriters — Anna Filatova, Eugene Akimenko, Project Manager — Marina Smirnova.