Integrated public report 2012

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Integrated public report 2012


Financial corporation URALSIB is the first one to adapt Public integrated reporting in the Russian financial sector. The main target in developing design concept was building an original system of introducing material that would clearly reflect the “value chain” succession.


The concept covers as much as possible the paradigm where activities of the corporation are comprehended. The structure of the report is based on six major parts: financial, industrial, human, intellectual, natural and social. The major visual role is not given to the traditional image illustrations on a two-page opening but to active informative animated graphics. In many ways it changed the language of boring numbers vividly demonstrating the major performance rates and integrated presentation of the results.

Additional constructive method is to gather the most valuable pieces of visual information on the A1 poster that serves as a super cover of the report when folded.



As a result the document turned into a non-standard, vivid story about achievements of the financial corporation and became the “fist fruit” of the new corporate accounting standard.


Team: Project chief manager and art-director - Irina Tsvetkova, designers - Marina Pavlova, Irina Sahkarova, Natalia Mozzhukhina, copywriter - Gennady Fadeev, making-up and prepress - Vladimir Demkin, project manager - Elena Zharova, Anna Mikhailova, Ekaterina Komissarova.



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