Russian Magnezit brand communications

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Russian Magnezit brand communications


Magnezit Group is a vertically integrated company which provides the complete production cycle of refractory applications, engineering and technical maintenance of thermal generating units. By 2015 the company completed the commercial development of some new natural magnesite fields in Krasnodar Territory and built up the chain enabling the production of high-quality fused magnesia and hard-sintered clinker. In order to release these products to the refractory market, the Group has created Russian Magnezit brand ingredient. To launch the new brand, it was necessary to develop a creative strategy focused both on manufacturers of the refractory materials and consumers – iron and steel plants, cement and glass enterprises.


The creative strategy is based on the image context of Russian avant-garde which is the most popular and internationally recognized Russian art trend. Early last century Russian avant-garde was synonymic to the leading-edge thinking; similarly, today it is a sign of new thinking in the sphere of refractory technologies.


The imagery relies on typical pictural, graphic and architectural avant-garde themes which are infused with images representing Russian Magnezit brand. Common communication logics transforms into the value chain resulting in New Efficiency (of high-temperature production) and originating from New Materials (Russian Magnezit).


The project comprises a brand platform, communication matrix and based on that – a wide range of communication materials, including press advertising, digital promotion, direct marketing and industry-specific exhibitions. The campaign started in April 2015; from the very beginning, it sparked tangible interest from manufacturers and consumers of the refractory products both in Russia and abroad.

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The team: project head manager and art-director — Dmitry Chernogaev, creative director -— Denis Shlesberg; art director – Irina Tsvetkova, prepress — Vladimir Dyomkin, project managers — Xenia Gnevusheva, Elena Potorochina.