Representative materials 2015

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Representative materials 2015


In order to establish contacts with partners and customers on the internal market and internationally, EXIAR had to make a corporate souvenir. It needs to be more than just a present – it should be a convincing symbol of national and governmental status held by the Russian Export Insurance Agency.



The concept is based on the idea of EXIAR being a key element of Russian integration in the global economy. In terms of content, the present comprises an album showing Russian painting masterpieces and a disk with the music written by Russian composers. The key message of communications underlies the slogan “Russia inspires” which is the headline of image text unfolding the “legend” of the present. “World culture is a continuous exchange. It implies exchange of ideas, opinions and creative methods between people, countries and nations. Russia historically acts as one of the biggest participants of this global exchange. The names of Russian authors in music, painting, literature, drama and cinema are rightly among the names of timeless geniuses of the world culture. We treat these achievements as the origins of interaction between Russia and the world in general. Because the ability to share one’s vision is the beginning of any cooperation which turns into the exchange of knowledge, solutions, technologies and products – everything that makes the world better”.


We managed to create a corporate communication medium endued with depth and content which expand its business positioning context in history, culture and art. The set of representative materials has been developed and made in two languages: Russian and English. The quality and performance level make it possible to use the materials for official contacts at any level, including the government.

Team: executive art director and head of the project – Dmitry Chernogaev, executive creative director – Denis Schlesberg, layout and prepress – Vladimir Demkin, project manager – Elena Potorochina.